First Blog Page Using Word 2010

Just for Fun:

I want to see the efficiency of this site. I have seen others post on WordPress using their professional credentials. I have been considering for some time a professional cosplay business. I have seen some guys with fancy cameras make these awesome shots but they don’t see the profit potential and refuse to market, thinking it is beneath them or something.


I feel that if a photograph is taken, it should be taken to do someone some good. Further, that promoting a model or a landscape, etc., and offering it for sale at a reasonable rate, the buyer will appreciate it more than if it were given away or done “trade for prints” style, which is really lame.



Long-time picture-taker but not a long time with digital, moving from film in about 2008 or so. I have been playing with many photo hosting sites and have settled on and I have tried SmugMug, Photobucket (which is getting better), Picasa and PBase, all of which have their pros and cons. I most enjoy Flickr, which has a better community feel.


There ya go!


Gallery of Sorts:



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