Book Review: Timebound!

Timebound, by Rysa Walker

 A new author with a new book, praised by Amazon.  What could go wrong?  Not much!

ABNAWithCover Meet Kate, a typical teenage girl with a BFF, a smartphone and a mom who dislikes her grandmother.  Kate keeps getting these “episodes” where the world seems to shift and twist, like she had epilepsy.  It’s not an epileptic fit, it’s a Time Fit (my words).  Yikes!

 I’ve read plenty of science fiction and love time travel, so the story is a familiar one – a reluctant heroine who realizes it’s up to her to make things right.  A medallion that only a few with a special gene can see.  And Kate, the most powerful time mage ever, learning the ropes of the family business.  And quickly too, since her mentor (a grandmother who actually is a historian from the 23rd century, working for CHRONOS) has just disappeared!

 Obviously a lot of research went into this, as 1893 Chicago’s Exposition and its resident serial killer, a Dr. Holmes, makes rather clear.

 The author attempts at suspense work well for this reader, though frankly I could have done without the 16 year old squealing about how cute some boy was.  But I’m not the target audience, alas.


 Kate grows up fast in learning the ropes of time travel and she’s developed well.  What’s with this Simon guy and his attempts at murdering the time line?  We never meet Saul, apparently her grandfather, with delusions of grandeur and power, creating the Cyrists, a cult as big as the Roman Catholic Church, predicting the demise of Man.

 The story rolls along but I’m not that much educated at the end about the Cyrists, other than a tour through their temple (great scene where Kate gets kidnapped and uses some martial arts against Eve, a girl who could also use some character development).

 That’s my only beef:  not meeting Saul, not really getting into the meat of CHRONOS as an organization, and their naivety in thinking one of their historians would think nothing of breaking the rules to change things to their liking.

 The Love Triangle:

 YA novels often have love triangles but this one with a twist.  Girl meets boy, falls in love, boy forgets who she is on the next time line.  Alternatively another boy meets girl, falls in love, and girl forgets boy for the same reason!  Yikes!  I oddly like that weird kind of twist.

 Bottom Line:  Really curious how Rysa Walker will turn this all around.  Timebound is an intro book, a general introductory chapter of something more.  Let’s see where she takes us.



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