Film Review: Justice League – War!


First Impressions:

Even with mixed reviews on, I thought the movie flowed well.  The extras with the production crew discussing the hows and whys was very interesting as well.  I’ve been reading and collecting comics for decades and thought this was pretty dang cool!

Story, Plot & Opinion:

Having read DC comics for many, many years, I tire of the Big Two always having to retell the same old origin stories over and over and over and…. Yuk!

I did not mind the way this film was put together. Wonder Woman is more haughty and arrogant. And puzzled about the ways of Man and the USA. Green Lantern comes across as a smart-aleck, brash and tough. I think the scriptwriter took a page (unfortunately) from the last Green Lantern movie. Hal Jordan is not that bad. As for Batman, well, he’s Batman.

Superman and the rest meet each other for the first time. The humor of that meeting is cut short by an invasion of creatures send over through the Boom Tube by Darkseid. The Parademons are not invincible and fall to the heroes, but there’s just too many of them.

I did enjoy the substory of Cyborg’s origin and his struggle with his father, who is “too busy” to see his son’s football game. Unfortunately parents do screw up their priorities and this film makes that point well.

Shazam was quite a deviation of the original Fawcett character and was not done that well. Billy Batson is not a radio announcer (excuse me while I age myself) but is an orphan. The orphanage is not played up well at all, and his family/friends are not really much in this film.


Overall, not a bad foray into the JLA world. Looking forward to more adventures. Based on a Geoff Johns story.


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