Book Review: United We Fall, by Joseph Mourgos

New author on the horizon.

United We Fall,,,Review:

First Impressions:

“United We Fall” is a science fiction novel worthy of perusal by the casual science fiction fan. I did note some similarities with other novels and stories of a similar kind and with alien invasion films and novels being the current rage, this is understandable. What sets it apart is the workings of a team of military called Earth Force One. The characters are somewhat typical of this genre: the captain who is disgraced, the wild boy who becomes a man, the woman with a fear of heights, the secret Chinese spy, and so on. What’s different is how they all interact and share a commonality as they confront an alien menace that threatens the existence of Earth.


Reminiscent of the made-for-TV movie with Lloyd Bridges, “The Love War”, two alien races are in competition to make the Earth their own, to get a vote in the Galactic Council, part of a confederacy of planets. Where they part is the concentration of the soldiers, which is not surprising since the author does have a military background. These parts of the tale run pretty well – a clear understanding of how men and women work under pressure.

I would have liked more information of the Galactic Council, why it works the way it does and what other races have been subjugated by the Thimms (the “bad aliens”) and what is the advantage of being ruled or benefitted by the Vorelsians (the “good aliens”). A few throwaway characters are inevitable in a book of this length but the pacing and the style of adventure steers the reader from such things and one really gets into the story as it evolves.

Bottom Line:

The story of alien races and conflict is not new, however the writer gives a fresher view on not only this conflict, but the political conflicts on the Earth itself. The magnetic field collapse and the resultant radiation on the planet and a ten-year wait before Earth Forces act is stretching it a bit – why a ten year wait? No revolutions?

Perhaps Book Two will address these concerns. Looking forward to the further adventures of Captain Folsom and his ragtag band.


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