Big Wow Comicfest Convention Review!

Vegas Cosplay
Mr. Freeze, sexed up. 🙂

Rant Against Muggles:  I have not been to a full comic convention in over a year, so it’s fun to go to a mid-sized convention.  If you have never been to a comics convention, throw away the idea that it’s “kids only.”  My biggest pet peeve is people who are not in the know regarding the comics/graphic novel industry, who think comics are for kids and are not relevant.  Or that people who “dress up” have maturity issues.  Yikes, I even knew a person who wondered if comics were still published!


May 17th!

I jumped on a train to San Jose (yes, I did know the way).  I found that the Maker Faire is the same day, full of families who want to see creativity at work.  I’ve never been there.  It’s near Hillsdale, CA, on the Peninsula.


I saw and chatted with Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise).  I saw but did not meet Arthur Adams, Neal Adams and a host of others.  Great independent artists; or just common folk selling their wares, splitting the table fee and running on hope.  I picked up some nice artwork from these.  Support your local artist!


I always go for the cosplay.  Cosplay (or costume play) is the art of being your favorite character from the movies, video games, comics, etc.  Kit Quinn and Valerie Perez are great (Google them!).  Hopefully some of my cosplay photos will be published.  I got one person email me for a few of them.


Of course it’s all about the comics!  Many dealers than earlier years, most are local, a few guys set up at many conventions.  Some are overpriced and some have great 50% bargains to recapture our youth.  Picked up some Godzilla, Nick Fury and Steve Ditko works from Charlton Comics Group.


I went to a few, none really sparked my interest.  There was the cosplay panel on how people are mean on the internet and diss their costumes.  I agree, it’s not cool, but they went on and on about it.  The Godzilla panel I stumbled into was quite interesting.  The original actors from the first Japanese Godzilla films were there.  Elderly men today, but still had that thrill for what they created so many years ago, little guessing the current Godzilla craze.  There were panels for writers and artists breaking into the business too.


Plenty of places at the San Jose Convention Center to shoot cosplayers.  Get a decent camera (mine is a Pentax K-5) and set up on a wooden platform inside, a grassy/tree area outside, and even a U.S. Army Jeep out front!  Great props!Silver Age Batman


Went pretty well.  The costume contest was fun, hanging with the photographers there, geeking out.  One disappointment was the number of contestants who at the last minute cut out and did not perform on stage or even compete for the prizes.  The top prize was $300 in cash, nothing to sneeze at in this economy.  Though I missed the Sunday show, I heard they had a Kid’s Costume Contest.  A visit to the Batman Museum with its Batmobile replica was fun.  So was the Back to the Future Delorean!

Do it next year; usually in the third weekend of May.  🙂

All photos on this blog are mine. 


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