Book Review: United We Fall, by Joseph Mourgos

This actually is a good book. Don’t miss out!

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United We Fall,,,Review:

First Impressions:

“United We Fall” is a science fiction novel worthy of perusal by the casual science fiction fan. I did note some similarities with other novels and stories of a similar kind and with alien invasion films and novels being the current rage, this is understandable. What sets it apart is the workings of a team of military called Earth Force One. The characters are somewhat typical of this genre: the captain who is disgraced, the wild boy who becomes a man, the woman with a fear of heights, the secret Chinese spy, and so on. What’s different is how they all interact and share a commonality as they confront an alien menace that threatens the existence of Earth.


Reminiscent of the made-for-TV movie with Lloyd Bridges, “The Love War”, two alien races are in competition to make the Earth their…

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