Movie Review: Does Whatever a Spider Can! Great Sequel!

Amazing Spiderman 2

Wow, what a movie! I did like the Sam Raimi versions, but this actor has really gotten down the wisecracking wallcrawler down pat.

The story is one of relationships, of making decisions and of paying the consequences, some of which are not that great.

There are many deviations from the original comic book story by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, but I am happy with the whole Gwen Stacy/Peter Parker story. Unlike the Raimi films that concentrated on Mary Jane Watson, it was Gwen who was one of Peter’s very first loves (yeah, Betty Brant was there too, but I digress).

Another variation is that they’re not high school kids but college grads. Gwen makes a great valedictorian speech about hope and about what to do when there is every reason to give up.

Another subplot deals with Peter’s dad, Richard Parker. Why was he abandoned? Why was Peter left with thinking his dad was a bad guy?


Wait, am I describing a comic book movie or what?

One thing about this film is that a general audience who has a passing interest in comics will like the film. Women will likely love the Peter/Gwen relationship, and how the ghost of Capt. Stacy gets in the way of Peter’s decisions regarding her.

Guys will like the wallcrawler spinning through NYC, capturing the bad guys and being interesting in the corporate plans of Oscorp, an ostentatiously benign group that has been working on plans for domination, making a better world through intimidation perhaps.

sunrise love cityscapes movies spiderman emma stone peter parker gwen stacy the amazing spiderman_www.wallpaperfo.com_16Bullied!

Jamie Fox is great as the unwitting subject of an experiment that turns him into Electro, who becomes an intelligent force of Nature. How will Spidey defeat him? And the Goblin, Harry Osborn, also at the short end of the stick when it comes to be accepted by those who matter most. I hope there is more of him to come. Lots of potential here.

Secret labs, a crazy Harry Osborn who has a fatal disease, the Goblin as you’ve never seen him and some hints that a Doc Octopus or a Vulture is in the works (check out the secret lab with its armored tentacles or the vulture-like wingspan on display).

Listen to the ringtone, old timers. Guess from where that is?

Final Word: And check Sally Field – she has not lost her flare for drama as an Aunt May who knows her boy is not her bio son, but she raised him that way. Pretty powerful performance.

Check it out. And stay through the credits! Amazing how people still walk out when there is so much more to know about our friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

A mid-credit scene, but my theater did not have an end-of credit scene.

Go see it! See the first film first, as that will fill in the gaps in discussions regarding the Lizard and what he was all about.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Does Whatever a Spider Can! Great Sequel!

    1. Yep, some mixed reviews. I always had a thing for the Spiderman comics since I was a kid. Marvel has been doing a lot of experimentation in the character the last 10 years. It’s not the perfect Spiderman film but it has a lot going for it.


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