Movie Review: Captain America’s Sequel Best Yet!

Very short review to help reduce Spoilers!

Captain America – Winter Soldier

I have seen the earlier Cap film and I have been a casual reader of Captain America since the Jack Kirby/Stan Lee run, so didn’t know what to expect here.


The story is one of trust. The Trust theme goes throughout the film. People who you thought were your friend seem to betray and want to kill you. Why? Nick Fury finds that out fast with some help from the General Secretary, played competently by Robert Redford, who has aged gracefully and has some pretty evil one-liners in this film.

The SHIELD helicarriers, what are they, a new peace machine or as Cap puts it, holding a gun to our heads to keep the peace?

And what of Hydra? Did they really go away after WWII or what’s going on with that?


Love Chris Evans whole creation of Cap. A man out of time, still trying to relate to a 21st century world where he finds the goals of freedom and democracy from the America he knew to one of subplots, secrecies within secrecies, and a culture of mistrust that could get a guy killed.

Love the Falcon, remembering his team up with Cap in the comics back in the 70s and 80s.

The Black Widow is no slouch, lots of shooting and beating and so on. Yikes!

captain-america-the-winter-soldier-old-school-posterFight Scenes:

The Winter Soldier is as tough if not tougher than Cap. The fight scenes are amazing in their choreography but also in Cap’s unwillingness to clobber his former friend who does not remember him!

Stan Lee!

Stan is a security guard at the Captain America exhibit at the Smithsonian. Excelsior!

 Final Word:

Not a lot of blow up action, much more of a cerebral, spy story that might appeal to fan boys but is mostly created for a general audience that doesn’t know a lot about the Marvel characters.

Stay tuned for the mid credit scene and a final scene at the end that makes you think and wonder.

Sorry for an abbreviated review. Tough to write this without giving away the story. Do watch it!


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