Film Review: Rise of the Planet of the Apes! Better than Tim Burton! – Spoilers

Rise of the Planet of the Apes had some good things going for it, but overall was unsatisfying.  That said, it was much better than Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes!  Still, not as good as the well-acted films by Charlton Heston. 

James Franco plays a scientist who discovers a cure for Alzheimer’s which his dad is suffering from.  After an accident where an ape escapes and is put down, his boss Jacobs, who cares more about his bottom line than lives, orders all the apes put down. 

These apes are intelligent thanks to Franco’s experiments.  He’s created a virus that strengthens the brain and thus humans.  He tries it on his dad to great results but finds they are not lasting.  

He then creates a stronger virus!  

This is where the story gets weird.  As he is experimenting, there’s an accident where the virus escapes.  Klutz nerd assistant was not wearing his mask. 

No quarantine?  Klutz then goes home, calls in sick.  Really?  And then he wanders all over the neighborhood looking for Franco’s character and sneezes on people.  Yikes!

The virus apparently causes brain hemmorage in humans, yet makes apes smart.  And it’s a stronger virus, too. 

Another thing:  Franco’s character steals some virus and leaves it in his fridge at home.  Really?  A highly toxic virus next to the eggs and milk?  How domestic.  Not only does he NOT get fired from his job, he also keeps the stronger virus from later in the story in the same fridge, which his ape pal Cesar uses to great effect.

The whole story of Cesar, the last survivor of the ape purge earlier in the film, is quite interesting.  But the ape, after taking over an ape facility (where we hear the Heston quote regarding damn dirty apes!) wreaks havoc upon San Francisco, doesn’t like taking human life but leaves a bloody black mess on the Golden Gate Bridge, and takes up residence in Muir Woods.  

That’s it?  Intelligent apes hanging out in Muir Woods and Franco’s character only says “OK?”  No talking Cesar out of it, no real characterization here that could have been done, but the film is rushed at this point.  

The End?

Mid-credit scene where the guy who was sneezed at (Remember McKay from  Stargate: Atlantis?) goes to an airport and promptly spreads the virus to all points.  

Intelligent Apes?  The end of Man-As-We-Know-It?

Who knows?  

Really hope the sequel makes more sense.  🙂 




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