Movie Review: Unusual Ending for a Fun, Chilling, Fairytale!

First Impressions:

As animated features go, Disney is tops.  Unlike the morality tales of Pixar films (which I do love, that’s no insult on them!), Frozen goes a step back to a more traditional method of storytelling.  Like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, Frozen takes us through a story of love, of betrayal, and of family.

Plot and Musicals!

I’m sure sisters have felt shut out by their fellow siblings.  This film does reflect that.  It also tells us not to rush into anything, like marriage, as that person could really be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The characters are developed well in this story of two sisters, Elsa (the young and feisty one) and Anna (the magic one, whose powers of ice and snow make her consider herself a freak with a curse).  Their ups & downs in relationships between each other, and the love they have for each other is quite a change from the usual boy-meets-girl-Prince Charming style of Disney films.

The music is fresh and original.  “Let it Go” is the best!!  Let it Go Song on YouTube

The film plays like a musical and most of the themes deal with tackling life head-on and not be dissuaded from your goals and purposes.

The story is inspired from Hans Christian Anderson’s tale of The Snow Queen.

The theater version starts with a short, that plays like an old Walt Disney 1940s’ style black & white cartoon, but then morphs into a modern story with plenty of slapstick.  Great start!

I really liked the Snow Queen, who hurt her sister and did not want a repeat of that.  But thought protecting her by not revealing herself, she actually hurt her sister emotionally and the younger one was shut out.  I’m sure kids will relate to this.

Bottom Line: 

If you love castles, dancing, some comedy relief and some traditional Disney style, look no further than Frozen.  Even Olaf the Snowman was a trip.   The special effects were excellent; the detail down to the fibers of cloth and the features of stone and design were amazing.

Highly recommended.



Kristen Bell l …         Anna (voice)

Idina Menzel               Elsa (voice)

Jonathan Groff            Kristoff (voice)

Josh Gad                     Olaf (voice)

Santino Fontana          Hans (voice)


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