Book Review – Wool, by Hugh Howey

When I first started the Wool Omnibus authored by Hugh Howey, I found it to be a dystopian future and started liking the characters.

Plots & Plotholes:

Holston, who loses his wife when she desires to go “outside” the Silo. When someone goes outside they “clean” the lenses and other things outside the Silo, and then they promptly die from the atmosphere that breaks down their suit. Yikes!

But I digress. I liked Holston in Chapter One, then he dies.

I liked Deputy Marston too, and his secret love for his mayor, Mayor Jahns, a woman who is looking for a replacement sheriff. We meet Bernard, a guy who runs IT.

Ah, but no IT department you’ve ever worked at!

Servers, computers, and a secret agenda that rocks their world when discovered.

Loved Marston. He dies. Loved Jahns. She dies.

 At this point I’m about to give up on Wool. Well, don’t. It gets better.

 woolThough Jules, as a character, is thrown in almost as an afterthought at the start of the book, she soon develops into quite a character. A character that is fleshed out and somehow familiar. Ever known people who just know what to do to fix something? Who are clever with a machine? Who can figure things out conceptually? That’s our Juliette, who finally cracks the secret of the Silo, what IT is doing, the evil of Bernard and the strange ambivalence of Lukas, who thinks he might like Jules and who is the next person in line to continue the Order of the World.

 As Jules develops as a character, at first I was afraid Howey would kill her off too – when she survived more than a few hundred pages, I was hooked.


Wool tells it like it is, how the world is, how secrets and lies though may be better off to remain hidden, they actually aren’t. Revealing the light of truth can indeed set off a freer world, a bright one, a world that no longer is confined to a Silo.

Are we trapped into our own little Silos? What can we do to break out – follow the rat race or break out of it? Interesting concepts.

Can’t wait for “Shift”, the next Omnibus. It’s a prequel. Yikes!



2 thoughts on “Book Review – Wool, by Hugh Howey

  1. Be sure to check out some of the WOOL fan fiction available on Kindle Worlds. I wrote a story called SHADOWS that extends beyond WOOL, SHIFT & DUST. It was a lot of fun and very well received by readers


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