Book Review: Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse! – by Victor Gischler

Author Victor Gischler put together a book that reads like an R-rated Douglas Adams novel complete with Adams’ humor, yet at times a bitter accounting of Man’s last days on earth. This post-apocalyptic novel has a catchy title for sure, and the hot woman with an assault rifle on the cover would make any red-blooded American want to read this book.

book cover go go girlsThere are so many crazy coincidences and odd happenings that make the world end that you would not fathom it. It breaks the envelope of credulity, for sure. A terrorist nukes Washington and a major earthquake ruptures the west coast and at the same time World War III happens in China, Russia and Europe. Everything goes to hell all at once.


Except for our former insurance salesman and (we think) divorced husband who has been holed up for nine years in a well-stocked cave somewhere in Tennessee, a state that still has some sense of normalcy — if you don’t count the Red Stripe gangs and the slaves on bikes.

Interesting society: One side ruled by The Red Czar, who rules with an iron hand has gathered all the gangs into one large gangland. On the other side we have Johnny Armageddon and his Go Go clubs, that are really nothing more than a “titty & bar” show (which Johnny denies of course).

The book makes interesting premise as to the different kinds of society here — capitalism on Johnny’s side and a military dictatorship on the other. Each plans the others’ demise and Mortimer is the pawn that both sides attempt to use to wipe out the other.

At times the story is tedious, especially the relationships between Ann, his former wife, and Mortimer. Also the subplot of slavery, with men riding bicycles to generate electricity was kinda silly — there were solar panels around and someone was starting to refine oil again — as was the convoluted war between the two factions towards the end of the book.

It’s not a bad book by any means and reads rather quickly, if somewhat violently. A bit of graphic sex and lots and lots of drinking and vomiting ensue between plot points, just to warn ya!

Are we heading to a future where the buck rules and the girls are hot? Read the book and find out!


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