The Dreamer – Volume 3, by Lora Innes – A Graphic Novel

TGT_EP61_TheDreamer  The Dreamer – Vol 3

The Dreamer is a series of comics written and drawn by one Lora Innes. They’re web comics but since I’m old-fashioned, I wait until they are collected and put together in book form. This means of course I gotta wait months between graphic novels. Sigh.

Bea Whaley has been having dreams. Vivid dreams of the men and women of the American Revolution. She falls in love, experiences the war, the death and threats of death with such realism, she begins to won

der if she is really, actually there. She accesses the era through falling asleep. Interestingly when she falls asleep in the 1770s, she awakens in the here and now!

Plots and Plans:

Of the three volumes, really like the third set. It’s rare to get a glimpse of American Revolutionary history. And to wonder if our heroine is really just dreaming or really living back in the 1770s.

Her friends and parents are freaked, even moreso in this volume than the others. At first it was fun, but now Bea Whaley’s vivid dreams are becoming more real to her than school, friends, parents, etc.the dreamer vol 3

Who needs high school when you can live the dream with Nathan Hale? I mean really now!

Bottom Line:

The mix of American history, unrequited love across the centuries and boring homework clash for an interesting tale of romance and what makes America great – and scary.

The artwork is pretty good in its bold slashes and war scenes, the muted colors for the sad parts, the harsh reds for war. Quite a graphic novel!


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