Book Review: Time Shifters, by Shanna Lauffey

time shifters novel

Shanna Lauffey. You may not of heard of her, but her work speaks for itself and may entice you to read more as time goes on.

I picked up Time Shifters, the first chapter of ten conceived chapters that will be coming out later this year. The end of the novel hints at a possible TV series. I’m not sure if it is that strong of a story, but I have hopes.

Story and Plots:

The story is a Young Adult novel, simply written, for the most part clear and concise. The first person narration is by one Akala, who is a member of a special group, the “Harekaiian” people – people who can travel through time or space (one or the other, not both at the same time) and through heredity or luck, have attained these abilities.

They’re a shy people, afraid to be discovered, go in small groups or alone, and wander the time stream, having a good time. This part of the story is interesting – I mean, would you just be a beachcomber, a Gypsy free spirit, just roaming the time stream and goofing around?

Anyway, a man discovers the group and wants the abilities for his own. He hires a few people but does not know a rogue group is formed from his actions, a group that wants to find out quite invasively what makes the Harekaiian people tick – through dissection! Yikes!

It’s interesting watching Akala go through these motions – her friends are caught and somehow lose their ability whenever a man by the name of Marcus, apparently a half-breed who has some but not all these abilities (reminds me of Spock!) and apparently is in league with these kidnappers.

Akala must resist falling in love enough to find out who is behind all this and what she can do to stop the bad guys from slicing & dicing her friends.

I must admit some frustration with this character, how she decides to go back in time a few weeks to rest and then pops back to where she left off – let’s not goof off, Akala!

Their limitations are interesting too – you can only travel during the time of your own lifetime, can use time or space-distance travel, not both. And you can touch someone to take them with you, which she uses to great effect upon her enemies.


The story has a few but I think that’s intentional to entice the reader to go to the next chapter in this series of ten. Who is Julia? And how is Mason involved? And what of the rich guy who is apparently manipulating everyone in this story? Where did these people come from in the first place? And we never really meet or learn about Akala’s friends, and how exactly they lost their powers of time & space when Marcus is around.

Bottom Line:

Despite my perhaps over-criticizing the story, it flows well and is a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Recommended. The author’s next book is Children of the Morning.


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