Five Questions to ask yourself before Clicking that Link on Social Media

Interesting article, sharing it!



1. Is this click bait?  Click bait can manifest itself in a number of ways.

Does the headline promise information such as “5 foods you should never eat again” only to lead you to a 30 minute sales pitch that only sort of answers the question but promises amazing results if you just purchase the program? This is click bait (This is only hypothetical…not an actual site that I may or may not have clicked on)

Does the headline read “You’ll never believe what this girl did…..” underneath a suggestive picture? This is click bait (This may also be spam or a virus. More on that later)

Is the headline just vague enough or spectacular enough that you are not sure what the article is about? This is click bait

2. Do I have time for this? 

I have a little rule of thumb. It’s not very scientific, but…

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