Book Review: Echo, Book 5 of the Jack McDevitt Alex Benedict Series


 (minor spoilers)

Echo gets a bit formulaic – find an artifact, find out who it belongs to, there’s more to it than Chase thinks, unusual death threats, surprise ending.

Echo is the first McDevitt novel that really had me gripping my Kindle and flipping my finger on the screen to find out what happens next.

A stone tablet with odd writing is found and the person who buys it, a former lover of Sam Tuttle, a man who has been looking for alien life so long that people think he’s nuts – messes with Alex and Chase.

This gal really messes with them!  I mean, take the tablet with the odd writing and pretend to throw it away.  Then say she destroyed it.  Then do everything possible to dissuade Alex and Chase from further discovery.

And the tour company she used to fly interstellars for.  Some pretty crazy stuff there too.

Are aliens found?  What is the secret that drives this woman to homicide and becoming suicidal?  Are there really aliens that are so far advanced of us that they’ll kill us?  (Unlikely, Alex thinks).

There are times the story tends to drag, but overall not a bad story.  We do find out about a planet, about the nearly destroyed civilization that dwells there, and a direct connection to this woman, to Tuttle and even to the tablet (sort of).



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