Classic Film Review: Study In Scarlet, a British-styled Sherlock Holmes Film

61Trcof2iZL._SL1000_This is a DVD-R film a Sherlock Holmes adventure “suggested by a novel” by A.C. Doyle.

Murders that are made to look like suicide. A secret society that collects from its murdered members. A sly lawyer who masterminds the “Scarlet Ring”. Made easy by a defector or two, Holmes solves the case but with some sleight of hand that keeps the viewer wanting more. The end is not that obvious and not that ‘elementary.’

There are no special features nor any scene selection for this 1933 film. The film is cleaned up but you can still hear the scratches and the lousy sound quality from the original film. The acting is overall pedestrian, no one really gets overly excited. Interesting to have a Chinese actress in it, as well as a blonde whose recently murdered father may have known more than he expected.

A bit of cloak and dagger, not the best Holmes film nor the best Holmes actor, but should be enjoyable to the rabid Holmes’ fan.

Some Wiki notes: ” Played Dr. Watson in Sherlock Holmes (1932), and then played the super-sleuth himself in A Study in Scarlet (1933), joining Jeremy Brett, Carleton Hobbs, and Patrick Macnee as the only actors to play both roles.”


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