Film Review: Die Hard 2! Merry Christmas, M*ther F**ker!

die hard 2Die Hard 2

As far as sequels go, it tries hard, but it does not quite match the standard set by the first Die Hard.

 It’s 1990 and the film marvels at the “latest” things like phones in airplanes and pagers and – wait for it – fax machines! Did you know we can fax fingerprints from NYC to LA and get them checked through the FBI in a matter of minutes? This is indeed science fiction.

Bruce Willis plays the sneaky tough guy who is trying to ignore all the praise he received in the first movie. A snarky captain of the airport police and his character, John McClane, clash throughout. They try to be funny but it does not quite fly. No pun intended.

Wife Holly has her own adventure. While terrorists are quietly taking over the airport, Holly’s plane along with others, are in a holding pattern. The terrorists trick a plane to land that actually crashes and explodes into flame. Planes don’t explode like that! Chief Engineer from Star Trek Next Gen dies in the flames. Sad.

Bruce runs, jumps, throws, kicks and swears his way into the fray as he tries to solve who the terrorists are, what they’re doing and all the time being told to mind his own business. He doesn’t.

And the ending really makes no sense. A cigarette lighter takes out everybody!

 Last Words:

Bruce does what he can with this cookie cutter script – new guy comes in, no one listens, ignores authority because he knows better and he saves lives. The End. Only for Willis fans.


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