Book Review: Dust – Final Book in the Series, by Hugh Howey

Silo trilogy Dust, by Hugh Howey (part III of the Silo Trilogy)

Just a brief commentary on Dust, the last of the Wool trilogy.

When I stumbled onto this series of novels I had no idea I would feel so involved and devoted what time I could in front of a warm Kindle to see how the world came to be with the only death penalty the desire to get Outside the Silo.

In Wool we were introduced to our main characters in the last book: Donald, Thurman and Juliette. These trio had separate stories: one, find out what’s going on; two, being told what to do was just too much and took matters into her own hands; three, a Senator with mad plans of power and death.

Shift was a prequel novel, where we find out how the Silo project came to be in the first place. This was interesting but read mostly like a history book until the end which I thought a bit too convenient, but turned out to be vital to Donald’s motives in the third book.

In Dust, the Silo’s secrets are revealed. There is a world out there, a set of 50 Silos, each its own world, each going about its business, except Juliette’s. She and her friends get a little too domestic in the middle of the novel, reads like a soap opera at first. But we are charmed by the adventures of children who’ve never seen a puppy (except on the dinner table! Yikes!) nor a lot of folks who are too selfish to see the big picture.

The adventure continues as Juliette penetrates to another Silo, the one that was put down by Silo One (the guys who know what’s going on, who have many people in cryogenic suspension, ready to be unleashed) and you find out about The Pact, which is a chilling future that Juliette and Donald, despite their distrust of each other, have a common aversion to. The Pact is what makes this novel so interesting – will Thurman carry out his suicidal plan for Mankind? Will Juliette and Donald be in time to stop this mad plan and somehow make it Outside to a place that you can enjoy the sun and be free?

Read it and find out.

Well worth your time. Pull up a Nook or warm up your Kindle and check this trilogy out. You’ll have a new view of what Outside really means.



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