Book Review: Writer’s of the Future Vol. 31 – Cool Sci-Fi Anthology!

61F-V+9xf3L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Writers of the Future, Vol 31

There are 13 stories in this anthology of new writers, not all the best I’ve read, and some end abruptly and are annoying. But the majority are interesting and definitely worth your time.

I won’t go through all the stories; just the ones I liked.

 Switch by Steve Pantazis was great. A society that has perfected a drug that will make you super human, but also brings you crashing down. After a friend dies he makes a personal vendetta out of finding the guy who sold his friend these super drugs. He finds him but also finds the fight of his life as the criminal has a better super drug. All in all several fun fight scenes.

God Whisperer by Daniel J. Davis was odd; a society that sells little Gods and how to train them as pets. Creepy story and ends abruptly.

 Stars that Make Dark Heaven Light by Sharon Joss, although the title is a bit long the story is not. Ettie is part of an experiment on this colony planet, where discoveries in genetics makes adaptation to other planets possible. But what if the changes to the human genome are such that you barely pass for human? And what if you run into a species that has not only perfected the science of this, but can become the species they meet? Fascinating premise; would make a cool novel.

I’ve read Hubbard’s articles and stories before. I always try to apply what he talks about in Art as a communication. When Shadows Fall is a fun sci-fi pulp story.

Larry Niven is no amateur and his story, Inconstant Moon, is great. I’ve read a lot of his early stories back in the day with his Kinzi and such. This story had a lot to do with humans not being able to fathom extinction. The story felt rushed, but was entertaining.

 Poseidon’s Eyes by Kary English was fun too. It had me looking up all the Greek god and myth references throughout the story. Being part Greek myself, I could relate!

 Bottom Line:

Overall a good start for many of these writers. I really hope they take advantage of this publicity and make a go of it. Kevin Anderson wrote a cool story in here about a guy who is a one hit wonder in the sci-fi world and never continued, but discovers an Alternate Earth where he did continue and the result. Fascinating stuff.


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