Movie Review: Batman vs. Superman!

First Impressions: 

batman v superman MoonDefinitely a boy/man film.  Angst, excitement, personal conflict, personal conviction, the specific material recognized by any DC fan (Death of Superman, Dark Knight Returns), and a psychotic Lex Luthor who is nearly on par with the Joker!

Story and Plot:

The beginning of the show with Batman’s origin was really well done, the criminal (Joe Chill?) ruthless; Dad steps in front of his wife and child ready to do whatever it takes to protect them; Bruce running away and falling into a pit – a pit of bats!  Holy Flashback!

Batman’s brooding is further enhanced by Lex Luthor, a rich brat who is also a scientific genius, who plays Superman and Batman against each other, via their “secret” identities to get them both riled up to where they want to kill each other. And let’s not forget the pawns in the chessgame – Lois Lane and Superman’s mother, Martha Kent.

The whole terrorist theme was well-played, and a beautiful yet explosive car chase showing us what the Batmobile is capable of.

Alfred, played by another, more sarcastic character than in earlier Batman films, really knew his stuff and as well confided in Batman and steered him when the Bats was losing his fight with the Belfrey, if you know what I mean.

And Superman, conflicted.  Is he worshiped as a god, or is he an alien menace, or just a man who wants to do what is right.  The conversation with his Dad (Kevin Costner especially poignant acting) and the calming base of his mother, Martha (played with conviction by actress Diane Lane) come together in a mix of emotion, love, and heartache.  Quite nice!

Final Thoughts:

A movie worth watching.  The flashbacks Batman was experiencing while playing back Luthor’s drive were a bit confusing, but overall Affleck’s Batman was characterized in a way that would make writer Frank Miller proud.  The conflicted version of Superman was more real and down to earth a portrayal.  And the excitement & power of Gadot as Wonder Woman made me want a solo film of her so much more.

Well done to Zach Snyder, cast and crew!


Henry Cavill … Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman
Amy Adams … Lois Lane
Diane Lane … Martha Kent
Laurence Fishburne … Perry White
Ben Affleck … Bruce Wayne / Batman
Gal Gadot … Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Jesse Eisenberg … Lex Luther
Holly Hunter … U.S. Senator
Callan Mulvey
Tao Okamoto … Mercy Graves
Jeremy Irons … Alfred
Scoot McNairy
Ray Fisher … Victor Stone / Cyborg
Jason Momoa … Aquaman





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