Film Review: Star Trek Beyond!

Star Trek Beyond

First Thoughts:

Loved the opening scenes with the Enterprise getting some docking time at the newest Starbase that fits one million people!

Special effects were great without being overwhelming.  Director Justin Li (Fast & Furious 6) kept the lens flares to minimum.

Chris Pine is growing into his Kirk role.  He really got the Shatner vibe down and adds his own flair to it.

As I have enjoyed in Trek over the last four decades, the character-driven characters, the relationship between Spock & Kirk as they come to grips with not only the possibility of their breaking up and taking other opportunities but also to do the standard save-the-universe story with some original twists.


Love the details.  What would the 25th century use as phones?  Would they consider our current hard rock music “classical”?  Right down to the make-up, the costumes, the occasional cars & trains, all makes for a world as real as Roddenberry could have envisioned.

It’s a story of revenge, of greed, and of sacrificing others so that you may achieve immortality.  Or so it seems.


The movie is a bit too fast paced, and gets to the action pretty quick with just a bit of backstory and set-up.  It got a bit too fast for me, so I had to rewind and make sure I didn’t miss anything.  Illusion weaponry and clever dealings with the bad guy makes this a tough world for Kirk!

Final thoughts: 

Tributes to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin (played Chekov, and recently died in a freak home accident) were touching without being maudlin.  And yes, this film is much better than the other two.  Looking forward to more!


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