Mini Review:Ex Machina

Ex Machina is an R rated film due to lots of nudity and a bit of knife-weilding.  So far so good.

A Bill Gates wannabe picks one of his own employees, Caleb, and sends him to a private island where the development of actual operational androids appear.

Some critics have called it “boring” — you know, the kind of critic who watches five minutes, zones out and writes ‘boring’ on an review — but it’s far from that, although a bit disappointing.

If you watch carefully, the writing is really well done.  Hints are dropped at the beginning, such as mentioning the inventor is God and that the (spoiler) android Ava turns on her creator.  Frankenstein reference.

Or when the inventor mentions we will be seen as we see ancient Man and then how the ending wraps up is comical if thought-provoking.

Caleb is caught in the middle.  Should he trust the inventor?  Should he go along with the android’s desire to escape?  You as the audience root for Caleb and Ava, but at the end you find your desire somewhat displaced.


I picked up the Blu Ray and it has some special features, but the movie I felt could have ended on a more positive note — on the other hand it ended like it was meant to!

Lots of female nudity, thus the R rating. It’s OK, they’re androids!




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