Book Review — Arcadia!


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            What I liked about Arcadia is how the three worlds were mixed.  Angela Meerson invents a way to explore an infinity of universes and accidentally creates a time machine.  I guess we could have called it the “Accidental Time Machine” but that title is taken!

Angela is from a dystopian police state future.  And she has to test her machine on herself and escape before her boss takes over with megalomaniac delusions of his own.  She jumps, miscalculates and lands in 1936 Berlin.  Ach!

What’s interesting is how the main characters do something and then later in the story the same action is looked upon from a different view from another character later in the novel.  It takes a bit of mental gymnastics to remember who was what and what they’re seeing, but after a while of getting used to Mr. Pears’ style, you just can’t put the book down.

T43916146zhe book left open questions but perhaps they’re better left unanswered.  Loved the characterization of Rosalind, a shy teenager who somehow gets into a situation that is fearful and enjoyable at the same time.

Whereas from the brow of Professor Litten comes Angela’s universe.  And she can’t turn it off!

Wild stuff. An unusual take on time travel, police states and a fantasy world of superstition and structured rules and rituals.

But it takes getting used to.

A must-read!



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