Movie Review: Wonder Woman!


Wonder Woman

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First thoughts: The Wonder Woman film had enough info from the comics to keep comic fans glued to the silver screen and those who never heard of her a new look at the DC Universe.

Plot & Story:

I liked that this film began in World War I rather than II. I guess we’re tiring of the Nazi character in WWII films and yet still wanted to have German evil genius at work.

Themyscria – an island for women only – but their island is invaded by a man – following by a platoon of Germans! The Amazons are true to the task with arrows burning air and finding targets.

Diana goes out into the world of men with some funny results. English fashion bears scrutiny of the goddess princess and her commentary on the way women (and secretaries) are treated give some much-needed comedy to avoid the dark, darkness of the last DC films.

Who Ares the god of War is was a shock and I liked the misdirection. The film was not predicable.  Loved that.

World War I was known for its dangerous gasses that were released during those battles. My grandfather fought at the front and so I know something of this.  Dr. Poison, a woman with a mission – there is more to her than the film leads on and I would have liked to see more of this character.

Bad Guys:

I liked Dr. Poison.  She’s also a woman, but Wonder Woman’s opposite number.  Poison controls the evil German general with guile and demonstrates her power.  She always wears a mask, which is later revealed she was damaged in some kind of acid attack.

When there is a choice of killing Poison who herself was set to kill thousands in a gas attack on London, Wonder Woman spares her.

These were pretty heavy scenes – the clashing with Ares, the decisions she made – does Man deserve the gods?  Is Man’s power of choice his only saving grace?  Wonder Woman shows the true power of love and of hope, something she never loses throughout the film.

In Batman vs. Superman, she remarked, “I have fought gods before,” which now we know was Ares.


Steve Trevor is not buying the Ares thing.  And neither is her mother!  But it is someone who is in disguise, who we would never suspect being so.  The snake in the Garden, so to speak.

Another interesting note is that only the bravest of women would wield the god killer sword, yet it was handed to Etta and she handled it pretty well.

The Blu Ray version gives a bit more info on Etta, as she begins a new mission with the remaining heroes of the WWI battle, a reference perhaps to the Mother Box, perhaps?


Final Thoughts:

DC did a great job with pushing out this origin story.

The way Steve Trevor ended the film, it’s fairly unlikely he will be in the second Wonder Woman film.  I have always been a DC comics fan and this is the first modern DC film I’ve loved all the way.

OK guys now let’s fix up a new Green Lantern film while we’re at it OK??

Can DC top Wonder Woman with the Justice League film coming soon? Waiting and very much seeing!



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