Book Review: Quantum Night

Robert J. Sawyer’s Quantum Night (Click Title for Kindle Book)

Sawyer wrote this novel in an overly political way while through in some smattering of science and pseudo-psychiatric theater to create a simple world where people are one of three categories. Interesting premise, but since people are quite complex you can’t really categorize them that way. That’s one problem with the psychiatric mind is that it is more interested in labeling rather than curing the problems of the mind.

But I digress.

Jim searches for his missing memories and just as in an old pulp fiction novel he finds those six months and is shocked by what he has done.

Solution: Change the course of humanity upward to avoid World War III. Girlfriend only cares about her daughter becoming a philosophical zombie (lots of these terms peppered throughout the book) and so screw humanity, let me save my daughter!

Philosophical conundrums abound in this book. Should we save all of humanity for the sake of one? Or should we sacrifice the one for the common good, even if you become a real jerk in the process?

I’m sure Quantum Physics can be used for better things that screwing with the minds of the 7 billion peoples of Earth.

Sawyer tends to politicize the whole thing – Putin, a US President with expansion ambition annexing Canada, a near start to World War III and three people who use a billion dollar device to change the course of humanity at the cost of a life. Sounds too good to be true.

It is.

Sawyer’s last two novels have not be on par with his earlier novels, and I’m not sure why. WWW Trilogy was cool. Loved Fast Forward and others.


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