Red Hood & The Outlaws – New 52

816Mpf6OT3LClick HERE for the Graphic Novel! 

I admit I’m not that familiar with The Outlaws. I did enjoy the Red Hood, aka Jason Todd, from Lob’s book “Hush”, but Hood is leaner and meaner in this one.

Anyone who reads reviews knows the basic idea that Jason teams up with Roy, formerly known as Arsenal, and Starfire, where all humans look alike to her and she’s pretty free with the sex card.

Several of the scenes are clearly sexist, such as Starfire in various states of nudity, which is OK for a red-blooded American male like me, but that’s not what I wanted from this book. I wanted some adventure, and did discover some.

I liked how Jason was trained by the All-Caste, they get betrayed and Jason feels the need for revenge and drags his friends into it. We also have an assassin named The Essence, who was once an “item” for Jason and now wants to wipe him out.

Themes of vengeance run throughout the book: a man who becomes alien to get his revenge where a spaceship accidentally crashed into his car one day (yeah, it happens). Or when the All-Caste get wiped out (after a few millennia you’d think they’d guard themselves better) and Jason wants his revenge.

Touching scenes as Jason recalls his time with the Bat and contemplates the Joker, though these items distract from the main theme.

Pros: Good art, almost “Image” like in its portrayal of the women of the book.

Cons: Too much gabbing, not enough action.


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