A Small Slice of British Columbia


Yes a bit of a travel blog I guess you’d say.

I got to go to Canada, the first time I’ve ever left the USA.  Customs offices are quite interesting even if they are untrusting.

Landed in Victoria, really handy shuttle ride to the WorldMark resort.  Nice pool and hot tub.  Great view of James Bay.  Fish and Chips, long walks through autumn leaves, and a few ghost tours and some historic walks through town.  It was Halloween, why not?

Victoria is like Sausalito, so Vancouver was like any urban city, but it was fascinating checking the neighborhood which was a bit sketchy on Hornby Avenue.  I went on a weekday as people went about their work.

Love Canadian money!  So colorful and they even have plastic.  American money is just so much dough out there.

Stanley Park, and even getting lost a bit, was interesting.  They have a cannnon that is fired every morning at 9:00.  They have a statue of a mermaid in the water as well as a large green suspension bridge to West Vancouver.

And most fun of all, besides the natural beauty was a trip to the grocery store where the food is translated to English and French!

Quite a country.  Wish i could have stayed longer.




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