Film Review: Justice League!

Justice League

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First Thoughts:

If you want to be entertained and better yet know something about DC Comics, you will have a fun time watching Justice League.

Story & Plot:

Batman and Wonder Woman are trying to put a team together to fight a battle with an invader coming to take over the Earth. A good third of the film involves Batman recruiting these players and though somewhat spoiled by the trailers of late, makes for an interesting start to the film.

I really wish they gave more info on the characters they’re picking up for those who know nada about comics.

justice-league-blur-effect-229823Aquaman, never got the respect he deserved in the comics. He’s brunette rather than the blonde guy we knew, but Jason Moma (“Stargate”) makes a bad ass Aquaman. Teasers included showing Atlantis and a cameo of Mera. We even get to see her flex her muscle with her water powers.

Almost nothing on Atlantis, why it’s important, who Mera is, etc. I can see an uneducated audience would puzzle on that.

Cyborg, an unknown in a lot of circles, who is part machine, part man. We see some relationship with his father who saved his life, conflicting emotion – Am I a freak or a hero? How will I fit in? Cyborg struggles with this which I thought was a great plot line but then it was not followed up! Could have spent more time on this.

Ben Affleck’s Batman delivers and his acting and his hot Batmobile and tricks you never tire of him.

Wonder Woman is her usual personable self, a woman who doesn’t put up with the bad guys, and knows Amazon fighting skills and bouncing bullets off her bracelets that’s cool to watch.

The Flash is the most enjoyable character. He is the viewpoint of the audience, enamored to work with such powerful people, and though he “doesn’t have friends” fits in well with the group. He represents the hero worshipped kid we all would experience if we were in his shoes.

The way they brought Superman back (that’s not a spoiler, that’s a given) differed greatly from the comics – I guess I was expecting something more spiritual or going to the Fortress in the North to do it.

Final Thoughts:

Yes there are fights, explosions and CGI. But there is also a decent plot that carries through well.

Not perfect. Why use Steppenwolf? But the mid and end credit scenes portend a much better future for Justice League II.

Remember, Star Trek the Movie was dull but the second one was awesome. Let’s hope history repeats itself!



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