Book Review: Dan Brown’s Origin!

Dan Brown, Origin

First Thoughts: Well thought out and researched novel about a computer genius who sees where we’ve been and what will be our future.

Story & Plot:

I’ve read all the recent Dan Brown novels and I have read folks’ critical interpretation of them as being too formulaic.

Brown breaks the formula somewhat to present to us one Edmond Kirsch, who was a student of Langdon’s but now is a rich and powerful computer scientist who has created the “E Wave” a new form of artificial intelligence.

The computer called Winston is an unusual protagonist – a computer with access to the Web, all its secrets and can imitate human voice and can influence others. Though we don’t see so much until the end of the novel.

Really liked Langdon in this book – no falling from helicopters nor confronting Freemasons, he’s in Spain to see his friend Kirsch’s big discovery. Just what Kirsch is about to release it tragedy happens, and Langdon begins his journey.

Falsely accused of kidnapping the fiancé of Prince Julian, and the king of Spain on his deathbed, Langdon must clear his name, find out who planned that tragedy and get Kirsch’s recorded presentation out to the world before it is lost.

Last Thoughts:

Though I appreciated the new tech being discussed – an artificial intelligence, wireless headsets and the conflict of Church and state and even the fabric of religion itself under scrutiny, the flashbacks I thought were overdone. And the constant suspense of who killed Kirsch was a letdown for me.

Regardless, it’s an entertaining novel and would recommend any fan of Dan Brown to read it. Controversial? You decide!

Quite a thought-provoking novel!  Purchase HERE on! 



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