Book Review: Time Jumper


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Time Jumper, Matthew Bayan

First Thought:

Started out as a typical government-experiements-to-gain-power story but escalated into something so much more.

Story & Plot:

I like this author’s style of writing. Similar to Any Weir in style and pacing. Explains what’s going on but doesn’t reveal too much. And each detail you read is actually important for later on in the plot.

I thought the author got overdone with the Battle of Anteheim but he was accurate in the historical import and detail of the event. In history, some say that the plans from Robert E. Lee got into the hands of the Union. Though the story is not specific on this point, it is implied how that happened.

Ethan used his gift of psychic insite to enrich himself modestly. This was noticed by others who played the stock market and winning more than usual and reported this to a government lackey, Churchill. Churchill’s idea is to use Ethan in an experiment that increases Ethan’s psychic ability.

In doing so Ethan unleashes power he never knew he had. With the help of the drug he’s able to leave his body as a spiritual being, traverse the universal time lines and is drawn to the Civil War era, 1862. There he meets a cast of characters that bring the story to its end.

Ealier I thougth he got too much into the Civil War era, being pursued and “switching” bodies to find his own true love, lost in a lightning storm earlier in the book. Regardless the pacing was fast and frankly I could not put the book down.

Some loose ends were on what happened to certain characters but even this gets swept up at the end. Did it happen or not?

Final Thoughts:

If you like historical fiction and science fiction with some philosophy on the spirit, mind and body, check out this short Young Adult novel. You’ll be amazed how it all turns out.

Highly recommended.

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