Movie Review: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Directed by Rian Johnson
Cast (in part)
Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker
Carrie Fisher Leia Organa
Adam Driver Kylo Ren
Daisy Ridley Rey
John Boyega Finn
Oscar Isaac Poe Dameron
Andy Serkis Snoke



First Thoughts:

I was excited to see this film since I’m an original, waiting blocks for the 1977 Star Wars film. And I was NOT disappointed!

Though Rian Johnson’s story and direction are somewhat controversial in some circles, overall I liked the direction we are going in.

We left Rey with Luke in The Force Awakens and find Luke as a dissolutioned former Jedi who just wants to die on an island in the armpit of the galaxy far far away. And Rey, shocked by this attitude of a man she’s idolized, tries to wake him up.

You can’t walk away from trouble and though you may have inadvertently caused it, you still have responsibility to make it right. I feel that’s the lesson between Luke and Rey.


Legends change – we find anyone can use the Force, not just certain individuals. And Rey has the most sensitivity and the most power, and is on par with her antagonist Kylo Ren.

Ren, like Luke, is a torn individual. He has a Force connection with Rey who communicates with him. That Rey tries to see Ren’s side of the story is telling and so is Luke’s tale with a lot to do with his relationship with both Ren and Rey. Flawed characters trying to do what they think is “the best” but eventually Rey decides – in the main throne room of Snoke’s ship.

Snoke comes across as a villain who seems to have all the cards in his favor. His Dark Side Force power is more powerful than Rey and Ren. They both have a plan for Snoke. And their lightsaber battle with the Praetorian Guard is worth the price of admission!

We finally get to see a final confrontation with Ren and Luke Skywalker himself. Luke seems invincible, and Ren wants his blood. How this turns out with shock you.

Another controversial scene must do with the remnants of the Rebel Alliance attempting to escape from the First Order armada and are getting picked off, one at a time, as the Rebels limp towards their base.

There are side adventures with Rose (new character, she really steps up and takes the film) and her relationship with Finn – at first seems to have hero worship and later saves his life.

Final Thoughts:

OK, I’m rambling , but really guys and gals remember this is fiction! Some suspension of disbelief is required. Johnson turns the Force mythology on its ear. And who is the Last Jedi? Can you guess?

Highly recommended!





One thought on “Movie Review: The Last Jedi

  1. This mostly echoes my thoughts on LAST JEDI. It didn’t thrill me the same way FORCE AWAKENS did, but it’s still Star Wars. I was there in ’77, too. Thanks for the write.


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