2018 New Years Fireworks!

So going to my office on the 30th floor of that building, I set up my tripod and Pentax K3 camera, set for Bulb mode, f 8.0, ISO 100, and waited breathlessly with my remote shutter crushed by nervous fingers.  Waiting for midnight.  The Witching Hour.  Breaking the time barrier between old year and new.  A new year, 365 more days of craziness on this godforsaken blue marble we live on!

The shots turned out pretty good:Flickr Album

Click on any image for large view!  Enjoy!


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Love shooting pix of cosplayers & portraits, reading Sci Fi, Star Trek, shooting cosplay and travel pix, & looking for more movies to watch! I'm changing the aspect to this blog to get more traffic to AMAZON products and films that you are excited about. What niche product are you just dying to have?

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