Artemis, by Andy Weir


First Thoughts:

Andy Weir, fresh off his big win of a novel, The Martian, tells a what-if story – what if we landed on the moon and created a city of giant bubbles, each named after pioneer astronauts. Would we have the same problems any small town USA would have, including gangsters, cover-ups and murder?

You bet!

Story & Plot:

I like how the story is told in first person narrative. Jasmine Bashara (Jazz) lives 15 floors underground in the Conrad Bubble and starts with her failing her EVA Guild exam. An EVA (extra-vehicular activity) exam is botched when Jazz uses a used space suit and almost dies. “The Moon is an old bitch” she exclaims.

Jazz is tough. Jazz smuggles to offset her poor living. She’s lived on the moon since she was six. She has a strained relationship with her dad, a welder, and I would call this story more a coming of age tale more than anything.

Jazz makes a deal with a billionaire devil to mess with some rock harvesters and creates major problems, including creating problems for a Brazilian crime syndicate which would love to have Jazz put into space without a suit.

The story centers on corruption, a murder mystery and how she survives on the moon and barely makes it to the end of the novel with her life. The story is dragging and does gets bloated with science terminology and what happens in certan chemical reactions, etc., that would interest a physics major more than the average young adult novel reader.

Final Thoughts:

Besides all that, the story really picks up and is a page turner when Jazz makes the biggest heist of her life and nearly dies trying to save Artemis and finds the Moon is not such a harsh mistress.




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