Fort Point Living History Day

39939459271_0486d6b076_o - CopyThe Living History day happens twice a year.  I went January 27, 2018.  Kept missing my bus routes but made it to where the tourists are buzzing around and walked down quite a steep trail, through a narrow tunnel that was once a battery for cannon and ended up at a long trail with wooden steps.  Following these I made it to the Fort Point, just under the famously orange/red Golden Gate Bridge.

Nice day, sunny with sailboats.  Typical January winter day in the Bay.

The Fort was guarded by two men in Civil War garb, looking at me as I walked through the gate.  Men were marching, women were playing hoop games.  Really fun to watch and shoot.  Was fun taking photos of these men and women deciding to come down for a day and reenact what life may have been like in 1862. 39041085925_b96226b1f0_o - Copy

There was a man discussing the types to rifles and slugs used and regaled us with stories of battle of those times against the men in Gray.  A woman was cutting up a chicken and cooking it on a fire like they would have back then.  I took a photo of a woman and she stayed in character and let me do it.  Neat.

Another I ran into told me that he is a descendant of a general who was in battle at the time.  Though he was dressed as a Union Major, his ancestors were of the Confederacy.  We joked about what his ancestors would have thought, him in a uniform of the North.

Overall a pleasant stay.  Really liked how people would go into character whenever I took they photo.

Sprinkled throughout this blog are photos I shot, most with a Pentax K3, a pretty nifty DSLR.  Enjoy.


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