Review of My Hospital Stay

Yes, I’m a Tumor survivor.

I realize this  short article is a bit new for me and somewhat personal.  But it might help someone so here it goes.

I noticed a few months back my eyesight was not doing great.  I was losing my peripheral vision to an alarming extent.  Thought I’d get it checked out.  Found that my eyes were not bad, it was something behind the eyes.

An MRI revealed a mass interfering with the optic nerves near the brain.  And if that were not bad enough, also messing with my hormone levels and pituitary gland.  I had what was called a “pituitary gland macroadenoma” — “Macro” as in BIG.  Thankfully it was not cancerous.

A chat with a neurosurgeon set my mind at ease along with a few YouTube videos — go gentle on those friends — and I was ready for surgery, a “Transphenoidal craniotomy” — where they go througiuNN7DHN2Fh the nasal cavity thru the skull’s back door so to speak, and attack the tumor.

The hospital was state of the art at Kaiser Redwood City.  Great staff, very caring.  And the breakfast in bed and non-stop TV and meals was pretty cool.  They constantly monitored my body’s hormone levels and salt and urine levels.

Now I’m out, recovering.  Still a bit of a problem with the peripheral vision since they could not take it all out without damage to vital systems.  Overall, a good result since my double vision disappeared and hormone levels returning to normal.  Looks like the pituitary is getting back on the job.

As the days and weeks pass, I should see a slow improvement and the tumor should be dying.

Let’s hope so!

Lesson:  When you see something odd with your body don’t dismiss it.  Get it checked out.  It may be nothing.  Or it may be your body is trying to tell you something.  Listen up!





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