San Francisco Comic-Con 2018

Cosplay for Beginners

First thoughts:

A few weeks ago I went to the SF Comicon.  Not as good a show as last year at Moscone Center but not as bad as it could have been!  I’ll explain.

The Oakland Convention Center is not bad a choice for a venue since WonderCon was here in the 1980s.  Problem is, it’s not really designed for a modern day convention.  The pathways are confusing, hard to find panel rooms, not a lot of space in the halls.  And way too dark to take decent photos.

Unlike other cons I’ve been to, they clear out the rooms between shows.  I guess that is to give everyone a chance but by doing so you create long lines.

I have a Flickr account that has the SF Comicon group I created.  In it you can see what is what over the years.

The SF Comicon in Oakland.  There was a lot of buzz about that, which is a bit silly since what were they going to do?  They could not change their name, different branding.  And they could not stay in SF, since SF was refusing to host them (come on, San Francisco!).

What did I Like

The cosplay was nice as were the two panels I watched — the Kevin Conroy interview, the voice of Batman animated series.  And the cosplay contest.

Kevin Conroy:  Great stories about how he broke into the voice acting business and how he landed the Batman gig and kept it for a few decades.

Cosplay:  Yaya Han was there and I’ve seen her at bigger shows.  Could not get a decent photo of the contestants since the lighting was so BAD.  See below:

Not bad but not great.  Next year, bring a Flash unit!

Final Thoughts:

Not a bad show.  Great deals on Comics and art.  Great celebrities such as Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: Next Generation.

Recommended.  See my Flickr group, here’s the Link:


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