Five Simple Ways To Kill Ants!

5 DIY Ways to Get Rid of Ants

Seeing ants crawling around your kitchen or your computer table is just disgusting.  Don’t I keep a good kitchen?  Is my Doritos habit attracting the little buggers?  Probably not.  Did you have a rainstorm recently?  Is there a drought?  Ants like moisture, and they like food.  They don’t like aromatic things.  That’s the key.

Wantshat’s aromatic?  Smelly?  Pleasant for humans perhaps but not for the little black ants.

Please, no insect sprays.  And little “ant hotels” just keep them coming back for more.  Let me help you avoid the hardware store since you can find these things in your local grocery.

Vinegar:  Get a spray bottle and fill it half with vinegar (I like apple cider kind) and half with water and spray it directly on the ants.  They will die pretty quick.  Wipe up with a paper towel.  What ants?

Cinnamon Oil:  I had an ant infestation in my apartment.  I got cinnamon oil and sprinkled it with some abandon.  The smell was so strong it killed many of them and scared away the rest of the colony.  Haven’t had trouble since.

Peppermint Oil:  Not nearly as strong as cinnamon but my brother swears by this one.  When he goes on a camping trip he surrounds his tent with a small trail of peppermint oil.  Ants cannot cross the barrier.  It’s quite a sight to see!

Baking Soda:  Another one of those common household items that kills ants quite dead.  Mix equal parts of soda and sugar.  The sugar attracts them and the soda kills them.  Put them in places where ants hang out. 

Baby Powder:  I have not tried this one myself (infant days are over!) but I’ve read where this acts as a “firewall” of sorts and blocks the ants from climbing this white barrier.  Place it where they usually enter or exit your house or apartment.  It won’t kill them but it will chase them away.    

Good luck on getting rid of these pests.  I did a little research as I didn’t want to spray my place with dangerous insecticide but wanted to find a do it yourself remedy. 

Use them, let me know how it goes. 

If you have some favorite home remedies to get rid of ants, let us know. 


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