Shoot The Moon with Astrophotography!

Misc (2 of 4)This is my personal photograph.  Not bad but with this book I know it would be perfect.  Who doesn’t want to see amazing, detailed craters in their Moon shots??

If you want to learn more about Astrophotography and shooting the Moon and other sky objects, check out this book on Amazon.   92% Five Star Rating!

Many of these tips and tricks I’ve done, and it’s a lot of fun to experiment.

You learn to:

  • Select the most useful equipment: cameras, adapters, filter41OutvXLKSL._SX430_BO1,204,203,200_s, focal reducers/extenders, field correctors, and guide telescopes
  • Set up your camera (digital, video, or CCD) and your lens or telescope for optimal results
  • Plan your observing sessions
  • Mount the camera on your telescope and focus it for razor-sharp images
  • Polar-align your equatorial mount and improve tracking for pin-point star images
  • Make celestial time-lapse videos
  • Calculate the shooting parameters: focal length and ratio, field of view, exposure time, etc.
  • Combine multiples exposures to reveal faint galaxies, nebulae details, elusive planetary structures, and tiny lunar craters

I’ve had to struggle with getting the perfect Moon shot and this book well-learned can solve any problem you may have with this.  It’s not just the gear, it’s the knowledge.

Check it out!


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