Oddly Satisfying Crunchy Slime!

slime 2What’s With Slime?

The Internet’s big smash hit of 2017, smashing a glue, sparkly mixture with your hands.  The satisfying sound apparently soothes the stress from a person.  And it’s harmless and fun to do.

And the names!

Fish Bowl Slime, Fluffy Slime, Snow Cone Slime!

Though many commentators I’ve read don’t consider it more than a fad, some kids are making serious money with their Instagram and Etsy accounts, mixing slime after school or before homework, raking in hundreds of dollars.

It even caused a glue shortage at one point!  Beads and Jar Supplies, DIY

Great YouTube video of kids making gallons of the stuff from Life With Brothers, currently at over 6 MILLION views!


If you want some slime of your own, check out the Amazon Store for more ingredients, sparkles, glue, borax and more!

Make some of your own!

Click here!


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