What’s a Drone & Why Do I Care? :)

Mavic Air Pro Mini-Drone

Impressive specs, 4K video or 1080, your choice.  CNET’s top pick for 2018

Raise your expectations with drone photography.  This model even beat the Phantom 4 which is no slouch in “best of” CNET list.

Check this out:

The DJI Mavic Air’s folding design mmavic airakes it great for travel while its 4K-resolution camera and three-axis gimbal capture nice-looking photos and video. Automated shooting options and obstacle avoidance make it easy to get good results fast.

  • Original Fly More Combo: Mavic Air Aircraft, Remote Controller, 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries, 6 Pair Propellers, Propeller Guard, Battery Charging Hub, Carrying Case, 64GB SD Card, extra propellers and More
  • Maximum Flight time up to 21 minutes, and can fly at exhilarating speeds of up to 42mph (68 kph) in sports mode
  • 32MP Sphere Panoramas, Foldable & Portable, 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K Camera
  • 3-Directional Environment Sensing, SmartCapture
  • Additional Accessories: high quality Cinch sack Backpack, Extra 64GB SD card, extra 2 pair propellers


MSRP is $999 though Amazon Marketplace sells it one hundred dollars cheaper.

Check out the listing here!


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