Why Kindle Fire is Coolest for Readers

I’ve had my Kindle Fire 7 for several years and it never fails to help me get the books I need for reviews or just for fun.  I do like reading, and perhaps should read more, but I was tired of boxing and carrying lots of paperbacks around.  Tiresome!

Compare Kindles Here! 

Don’t get me wrong, I am totally old enough to remember when solid, physical books were the only choice.  I’m not downplaying that if you like the touch and smell of a good old book, but now we have choices!

There are many different Kindles, paperwhites, etc. to choose from.  I’ve listed a few key ones that I like and you may like too.

And getting rid of that bookshelf may save you a few yards of space for something else!

Please click on the links and check it out on Amazon.



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