Iphones & Flowers – Winning Combo!

Ohlone Park (1 of 9)

Photo by Jim Mourgos 2017

First Thoughts:

For several decades I’ve been shooting tons of film and digital shots usually with an SLR or even a point & shoot camera.  Point & shoot cameras have essentially died off at the present, thanks to the widespread use of smartphone cameras.

My smartphone camera is an oldie, an iPhone 6, but since it does a good job of shooting flowers I won’t part with it soon.  Maybe next year.  Don’t you iPhone 10 users miss the headphone jack?  But I digress …

iPhone Hack:

First, it’s a good plan to get the perfect flower.  Not one with dead leaves or petals.  Not one that is overgrown.  A pretty one.  A credit to its species.  You get the idea.

Then holding your phone close, shoot a lot of pix.  Pick the best one.  Do some minor edits and then share with your friends.  Flowers get lots of hits on Instagram although try selling them as stock is a challenge.  There are so many excellent shots of flowers!

I try to focus on the stamen, the inner flower.  And if the flower has a bee or butterfly, more power to you.  That really adds interest and fun to the shot.

Lasting Impression:

iPhonography can be fun when shooting flowers.  The color really pops and the flower looks really pretty as wallpaper.  And  it’s great practice for your “serious” shooting when you do macro photography with a decent DSLR.

But if you cannot afford a DSLR right now, use your phone!  And practice, practice and practice some more.  Study and more practice.  Get good at what you do!

There are many fine books on iPhonography.  Check these out please!  Your support of me as an Amazon affiliate go a long way to helping me continue these photo blogs and online reviews.  Thank you.

What kind of macro shots have you done with your  phone?  Leave a comment!



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