Review: Mission: Impossible – Fallout!

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Mission:Impossible –  Fallout

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First Thoughts:

If you want a film that captures the spirit of the original 60’s TV series much more so than the previous in the series, you must see this film!

Rated 98% by Rotten Tomatoes, Tom Cruise belies his 50+ years of age and jumps, runs, shoots and has a lot of spy trouble, and allusions to his earlier romances in the earslier series.  But you need not watch the earlier films, it stands on its own.


After losing a case of plutonium to save his freiend Luther, Ethan Hunt becomes criticized and no longer trusted by the secretary.  And though he “decides to accept” the Mission, the CIA gets involved and puts their own man in with Ethan’s team (Henry “Superman” Cavil).  Ethan reluctantly OK’s this to his detriment as we’ll see.

No spoilers, but I thought the…

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