Is Making Money with Writing Possible?

Sometimes it does not seem so.  There are plenty of scams and plenty of good people trying to give advice about this, yet the majority of writers making money usually develop a following and then start selling their time for cash.  Good idea but is it possible?

I really enjoyed Avery Breyer’s books on this subject yet the site she suggested rejected me.  I also tried Freelancer, Fiverr and a few others.  Best I got was a guy who had me sign up for Swagbucks!  What’s that have to do with writing?

Finally ran across a site called Online Writing.  They seem legit, want you to send ID and fill out a W2 form for identification and sending you money.  May check that out.

Here are the links to what I was speaking of:

How to Turn your Computer into a Money Machine

Online Writing Jobs


Fiverr (Freelance service)







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