My Writing Sample

I created a writing sample for a Flag company.  There is actually no offer to write for them nor is it okay to copy this for yourself.  Just an interesting article I thought I’d slap together.

New York state has some of the most populous cities inside its borders.  And a flag nearly as old as the Revolution itself.  Owning such a flag would be to own a piece of Americana that dates to even before New York became a state!

The New York state flag was created in 1778, ten years before it became a state in 1788.  During this time of the American Revolution the state became a battleground and much later in its history became a center for American culture and industry for the growing Union.

New York is the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, the financial center of America at the New York Stock Exchange and the 11th state of the original 13 states of the Union, and a major staging ground of several Revolutionary battles such as the Battle of Saratoga.  It was also interesting to discover that New York City was the original capital of the United States.  See the NYS Department of State site here.

What’s the flag look like?  Liberty on the left, and Justice on the right, the ship representing commerce, above that a world with an eagle atop it, a rising sun behind a large mountain.  Quite majestic.  And though I remember “Excelsior” as a favorite motto of Stan Lee of Marvel Comics (who is also a New Yorker), it’s as well the motto of the New York flag!

The New York State Library site has a fuller explanation of the flag’s symbiology, it’s state Seal, etc.

You would be proud to have this hanging on your wall.  Or order more for your local parades and civic events in the State.  Why not pick up a few for your school or Fourth of July outing along with the American flag?

There is a wide variety of state and local flags at the Gettysburg Flag Works.  The New York flag is an early design from the Revolution.  They have more modern designs of other flags later states adopted in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Every New Yorker should have this flag.  Every history major and anyone interested in the historic and political history of the state should own one.  Every hall in every school, civic and political center should have one.

This flag reminds us of not only our heritage as Americans, but of the stress and battle our ancestors went through to get freedom for the nation as well as the great state of New York.

Gettysburg Flag Works is a full-service flag company.  If you need hardware, poles, or anti-theft flags, they have it all.  Click on their site here for more information!

In conclusion, the great State of New York was a key state in its struggle for independence from George III of England.  It was the key to defining and establishing our American culture both industrially, politically and socially.

And owning this flag would be a part of your American collection of flags and a tribute to the state that was pivotal in the American Revolution as one of the original colonies of England:  New York State!

Purchase this historic flag today – New York State Flag at Gettysburg Flags!


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