Movie Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

First Thoughts:

Despite the mixed reviews I thought the movie was well thoughtout, although a few plot holes here and there and lack of development made it an OK Saturday matinee film.


Based on a comic book of the same name, Valerian and his partner Laureline are teamed up to handle a trade of a super powerful pearl and a rare creature that can copy many of these pearls.

The whole story shows us a few other dimensional goodies including a bad guy who swears he will kill Valerian — but we never see this world nor the bad guy again!

The subplot of Valerian asking his partner to marry him fell flat for me and only slowed down the otherwise decent comic book story.

And the cover-up by high command and the alien Pearls who survived their planet exploding live to tell the tale of corruption by a management commander who knows better.  Why the cover up?  Watch the story.

Great special effects and a few action scenes but not enough to save this tepid science fiction story.  Personally I love sci fi and this film definitely has potential.

Final Thoughts:  Though a box office bomb, there is always a possibility that a sequel is in the works.  Don’t hold your breath!

See it here on Amazon, stream it cheap!  Click on the photo to see the film today!


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