I wrote this blog a few years ago but really did not understand what to write. and then I decided since I’ve written over 800 movie & book reviews on Amazon.com, why not post them here?

It’s also a good forum for my photography. Since getting the new Pentax K-3 and a better zoom lens, it’s been getting better. Many of my friends are moving to landscape photography, personal portraits and pictures of food. Me, I like events. Shooting many events in the City and elsewhere is challenging — tough to get the exposure right. But it’s fun.

Involved in Scientology since the 1980s has improved my creative abilities, including my ability to observe, increased reaction time and IQ, which comes in handy when shooting, reviewing or writing critical opinions of films.

I used to write movie reviews back on Viacom Cablevision which was fun. Doing it again online!  And here’s a link to my nearly 20,000 images on Flickr! 




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