Common Sense Tips for the Cosplay Photographer

2016-sf-comic-con-2062Much has been written about the tips and tricks of shooting cosplay at cons and photoshoots that you arrange.  I submit that your attitude has a lot to do with your success as a photographer such as:

  • Your Passion:  Do you love shooting or dread it?
  • Your Interest:  What is your goal & purpose of shooting?
  • Your Courage:  Don’t be shy, just ask.  Worse thing is the cosplayer will say no.  Move on.

There are some common sense tips that may not be all that common!  Such as:

  • Manners:  Remember Cosplay is not Consent!  Just because someone is in a costume does not mean you get to click every costume in sight.  Ask.  Please.  Thank you.  And offer a photo, who knows, you might earn a client!
  • Ask Questions:  A lot of times in my experience I don’t recognize the costume or it’s a mash-up of some kind.  Show interest.  And it is interesting!  How did they make that armor?  Who are they being?  You’d be surprised at the response.
  • Guests:  Sometimes you want to shoot a pix of a guest of honor or celebrity.  Make it brief.  Remember, they’re at the con to make money.  They can’t spend much time.
  • Regret:  Never leave your cosplayer with the idea that you never should have come by in the first place.  If you keep in the above tips, this should not happen!

Camera Tips:

Standard Stuff:


The camera you have is the best one for the job.  Yes, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras will give the best quality shots, but my tips also are for smartphones.  Smartphone cameras are good resolution cameras.  Bring it along!

Tips on Low Light Convention Halls:

I was at a con once where the white balance was horrific.  But don’t worry about it, you can always correct in post processing.

Tips for Flash:

Hey, why not black out the background, then you just isolated your subject.  How?

You may need to invest in a camera and a wireless trigger.  See Amazon.  Suggest:

  • Set to your lowest ISO
  • Highest flash synch speed set
  • Set proper power to get the best exposure [Great little kit here]

And you’ll black out the background.  Great for a crowded con hall!

I hope these tips help.  Please click on the links above for the best quality products to make your cosplay photography the envy of the con!




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